Heavy Duty Compression Springs

We bring you heavy duty coil spring that are custom designed to give  load handling capability. These springs  are excellent shock absorbers. Each spring is designed within proper stress levels and manufacturing limits. We have compression springs with wide range of wire diameter from 10mm to 50mm.

Tension or Extension Springs

We have extensive range of round wire tension springs that are made compliant as per customer’s design. These are available in a large variety of end types such as:  Machine Loops Extended Loops  Double Loops  Tapers Threaded Inserts  Hooks or eyes at various positions  Extended Hooks

Compression Springs & Conical Springs

Compression springs are  made up of helically formed coils with pitch in between used to push back on an applied force or load in order to return to its original position when the force or load is released. We have Conical Springs and Compression with Wire Diameter ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. 

Spiral Springs

We manufacture a quality range of spiral springs. These springs are formed from flat strip or wire wound in the form of a spiral, loaded by torque about an axis normal to the plane of the spiral and  have in house made variety of Spiral Springs in varying width as per customer’s Requirement.


We have in house stock of GI Pipe Half Clamp and GI Pipe Full Clamps with wire diameter from 0.08 up to 3.6mm. These are extensively used for holding pipes of Green House.

Wire Forms & Spring Rings

Custom wire forms are manufactured in a variety of shapes to perform specific, as well as multiple functions. These are bent to have specific angles and lengths. We manufacture wire forms with a wire diameter from 0.20 mm to 12.7 mm.

Zig Zag Springs

We design and manufacture special Zig Zag springs for green house purposes.

Torsion Springs

 Torsion  springs can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs about the body centerline axis. They offer resistance to twist or rotationally applied force. We design and manufacture a premium range of precision torsion springs.